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"Really enjoy Gladiator Camp, been going for about a year now. The sessions are really well structured, good times of the day to fit in around work and family. You make some good friends and the instructors know their stuff!"

"Gladiators is a brilliant fitness camp to belong to. It has super friendly trainers who are entirely engaged in their members’ fitness. In a short time I’ve made some wonderful friends with the added benefit that Gladiators takes socialising as seriously as it takes fitness! There is a large selection of classes to choose from and it’s great value too.​​"

"Joining Gladiator Camp has been the best thing I’ve done. I was in a bad place and really needed to get back into my fitness and I haven’t looked back. I started with 1 session, then added in another and I’ve just made it 3 a week. The instructors are great and my fellow Gladiators are very welcoming. Come and join us, you won’t regret it."

"Gladiators are the best. Lovely people, all ages and fitness levels. Everyone is very welcoming and the instructors know what they’re doing, make exercise enjoyable and care about the customers"

"Great people, great coaches, fantastic community , so much variety and fun. Can’t say enough good things about this."

"Love this place! Keeps me fit sane and happy. Different instructors with different styles to suit different wants/needs. Give it a try you won’t regret it!"

"So many lovely people to train and have a laugh with, coaches so supportive and motivating. I just love it here!"

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