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Gladiator Camp is a fitness community based in Petersfield.

We offer a selection of indoor and outdoor classes for all abilities and levels. 

We have a variety of qualified instructors who all have their own style of teaching.


Our classes include circuits, HIIT, mobility, strength & conditioning.

We believe physical and mental strength are completely aligned and that is why we are so passionate about creating the most effective & enjoyable training environment possible for all our members. Gladiator camp brings together a community of like minded people creating strength in numbers!

Here at Gladiator Camp we are more than just a gym or a fitness studio. We work with our clients on improving range of movement, posture, sports performance as well as training to support building muscle & burning body fat.

We believe in choosing the correct activity and exercises to support your body’s long term needs for strength, movement and cardio vascular fitness.


Seeing is believing so please do not hesitate to book your complimentary class below or email us with any questions at:


We will look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your brand new health and fitness journey!


Stay blessed,


Gladiator team 

Contact us to book your complimentary session!

Thank you for booking. See you soon!

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