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Classes at Gladiator Camp are designed with a core focus on education on movement and understanding your body's physiology. Whether it's through weights, machines, or diverse workout routines, our intention is to impart knowledge that empowers our members to realise their physical potential. We emphasise intensity as a key differentiator in our classes, ensuring each session challenges participants at their own pace while striving for personal progress. By combining this focus on education with varying intensities, we aim to cater to all fitness levels and foster an environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their goals.


Our invigorating fitness classes with Joanne are centred on movement and mobility. Perfect for all fitness levels, this class focuses on fundamental movements and flexibility exercises, providing an effective way to enhance strength and coordination, prioritising mindful exercise to promote a solid base for improved overall well-being. 


Our classes with Katy and Rich are designed to enhance your knowledge of strength, movement and mobility exercises. Tailored for those seeking a more challenging workout, this class focuses on proper form, ensuring a balanced and effective approach to enhancing overall strength and technique.


Our classes with Steve, Jodie and Craig are the ultimate fusion of strength and movement, designed to push your boundaries at any fitness level. Classes involve a range of intense interval exercises, building strength, agility, and cardiovascular endurance while keeping our strong focus on form and technique.

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