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My passions are strength and movement training. Understanding how your body is moving is everything and I am all about refining those details. ​Mental health is also extremely close to my heart and my salvation lies in focusing on working and testing my body to its physical limits. 



I have a passion for strength, conditioning, olympic lifting and cross-fit style training. I really enjoy teaching group classes as I love the atmosphere it creates with everyone motivating each other and bouncing off each other. I also find it very rewarding working one on one with clients to achieve a personal and specific goal. 



In 2009, I obtained my Fitness qualification in Australia as a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Group fitness Instructor, older Adults and Children's Trainer. 

Having danced all my life, I love to incorporate working with body mobility, core and posture in my sessions. I believe in variety when it comes to working our body as we age. So watch out for my session, as I will find new ways to work those muscles of yours. 



I am a Group Exercise Instructor & Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Group exercise has always been my biggest passion & being trained in multiple disciplines of fitness means we’ll hit everything from Boxing pads to Barbells, HIIT to Cross-fit, Old Skool Aerobics to chilled out Tai Chi. Using music to create dynamic workouts, I can hit anything from Hard house to Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop to Disco to chilled out tunes.

It’s all good vibes & big group energy!



I am a professional wrestler with an interest in competitive Olympic lifting. I'm also a mum of 4 and don't necessarily fit the mould of the "normal" fitness freak, gym bunny etc. and for that reason I also believe fitness should be for everyone no matter what your level of fitness, age or perceived abilities. We've all got something to give and have more in us than we know. You just have to take those steps and I'll be here with you.



As a dedicated specialist in exercise-based therapy, I'm passionate about improving lives through movement. My approach centres on enhancing functional movement patterns, conducting thorough movement screening, and developing balance, core, and unilateral strength. I thrive on the fusion of strength and conditioning in CrossFit-style workouts, believing that health truly is wealth.


"Remember, 'Motion is lotion' – keep moving, stay strong, and live your best, most active life"



I have a long background in personal training and exercise rehabilitation, with a passion for restoring human movement. Away from the gym, I've been climbing rocks and mountains for 15 years and have been obsessed with Calisthenics for the last 4! 


I'm also running my own movement studio in Sussex, check it out here!

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